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Are You the Curious Type?

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   If you are the curious sort, you may enjoy I was impressed by the ambition  of this site. They really cover a lot of ground. The links I have visited from there thus far, are quite useful and really run the gamut. Scrolling down the page, one finds topic after topic. It is a general reference emporium.

Do you have any favorite sites of this type?  Do share. 🙂



Find me at: and Both feature some free-form poetry, and 'thoughtboarding' also offers a few Haiku. Welcome!! I look forward to your visits. :D

6 thoughts on “Are You the Curious Type?

  1. Add lazy to the curious 😛
    The website, whoa. It was like a wham in the face. It is an interesting one, covers more stuff than I have seen websites do, though I think layout and navigation could’ve been slightly more… fluid. Wouldn’t you agree?
    Well, for everything else, Long Live Google and its Chrome. 😀

    1. Hi John. I really enjoy your “pun-ny” photoblog. You have a great sense of both humor and creativity. That’s a gift.

      So happy you like the poems at The Blogging Disciple, and also the Refdesk link, thank you. 🙂 Peace.

  2. Yes, I am. Site looks incredible, and like just as good a brain trap/lost time generator as Wikipedia has been for me. : )
    I think I may have to personally go disagree with the free dictionary (or whoever their source was) about inconsequence and illogic being synonyms, because they’re totally not.
    I am pretty new to blogging myself, (and on a more internal, personal theme) and so I don’t have any advice to share. I will look forward to your future posts!

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