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Reading Your Mind

Trying to decipher your words…

I wish you would just say what you mean.

I could then spend more time being present with you,

than running every statement through a filter,

trying to be sure that what I heard

is what you’re really saying;

more knowing and less guessing.

Wouldn’t it be nice,

if our true thoughts and our spoken ones

at least lived in the same zip code?

copyright © 2013 Beth Viera

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
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New study finds connection between early use of marijuana and mental illness

I worked in a mental health clinic while in college. These statistics are very sobering. Schizophrenia or other mental illnesses are not something we want to see befall a loved one.


The Wall Street Journal reports.


There is a significant and consistent relationship between marijuana use and the development of schizophrenia and related disorders. Schizophrenia is considered by psychiatrists to be the most devastating of mental illnesses. Patients who suffer from it often experience auditory or visual hallucinations, severe social withdrawal and cognitive impairment. Many require frequent and prolonged hospitalization in psychiatric wards.

Schizophrenia affects almost three million Americans—more than six times the number of people with multiple sclerosis, two and a half times the number of people with Parkinson’s disease, and more than twice the number of people with HIV/AIDS. Less than one-third of patients with schizophrenia can hold a steady job or live independently. A large portion (about one-third) of homeless people in the U.S. suffer from the disease.

Though they receive little attention in the legalization debate, the scientific studies showing an association between marijuana use and…

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Free this Week! “Every Writer Needs a Tribe: A Practical Guide to Finding (and Writing For) Your Audience (The Digital Writer) [Kindle Edition]

Attention writers: This gracious offer is for the Kindle edition and is free this week.

Every Writer Needs a Tribe: A Practical Guide to Finding (and Writing For) Your Audience (The Digital Writer): Jeff Goins,The Digital Writer,Diane Krause,Jonathan Wondrusch: Kindle Store.

A 54 page guide. A snip from the description reads: ” […] In this book, you’ll learn why constructing your own author platform–catered exclusively to your specific tribe of ideal readers–is vital to the hopes and dreams of digital writers. Moreover, you’ll learn how the smart authors are building big tribes that allow their writing careers to thrive. […]”


You never know what you’ll find on another blogger’s Twitter feed!  Enjoy & remember to leave the authors your review! 🙂

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A person simply cannot and should not walk away the same person after reading this.
Your message is powerful, and it’s delivery is eloquent, and poignant.
People need to read and share this.


I should have listened when you talked

of growing up on the farm in Acushnet

and of all that meant to you.


I should have listened when you told

your tales from the CCC

and of all the exciting things you did.


I should have listened to your stories

of how you earned what little money you could

when money was so scarce.


I should have paid attention

when you wanted to show me how to fix a car

and tell me of your years as a mechanic.


I should have paid attention

when you told me how to hoe a row

and properly plant string beans.


I should have listened when you told me

what it took to be a man

of character, principles and integrity.


I should have listened more closely

to your dreams and hopes for the future…

and for me.

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Medical News: The Diet Book to End All Diet Books [?]

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The Starch Solution: Eat the Foods You Love, Regain Your Health, and Lose the  Weight for Good!”  

This book is written by board-certified internist John A. McDougall, MD. It would be interesting to know the science behind it.  I have not read it yet myself, but I thought I would pass it along. It appears to be endorsed by several MDs and other professionals on the Amazon listing.

A review of the book by George Lundberg, MD is linked below.

Medical News: The Diet Book to End All Diet Books – in Columns, At Large from MedPage Today.

I do like that the “no” list is short, and the “yes” list includes some surprises. Also, there are 100+ recipes.

But the question is: Is it too good to be true?

Have you read this book or know someone who has?

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Are You the Curious Type?

? ? ?

   If you are the curious sort, you may enjoy I was impressed by the ambition  of this site. They really cover a lot of ground. The links I have visited from there thus far, are quite useful and really run the gamut. Scrolling down the page, one finds topic after topic. It is a general reference emporium.

Do you have any favorite sites of this type?  Do share. 🙂